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Great program and a fabulous support system. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to kick start a weight loss journey.
Unlike many other programs I tried, MyFastingChallenge has daily interaction and professional support. And it works!
I have more energy, and my joints aren't hurting like they usually do. It seems like I may be sleeping better also.
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Once Mimi hit her highest weight ever – 155 pounds – she decided it’s time to make a change. With some help from MyFastingChallenge, Mimi turned her life around and lost 11 pounds in just the first 28 days! Here’s what she has to say:

“Now I’m feeling lighter and more flexible, well-rested. And your girl got her waist back!”

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Finished first 4 weeks down almost 10lb and I am thrilled. This really works and never hungry. Have 8 more to go.
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Hi. I just finished week 1 and I am down 2lb. Not a lot, but 2lb better than last week! I am 75 yrs old and cannot exercise at all, sooo...
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Day 56: 20lb lost!!! No one can tell yet (bummer) but I’m hoping it’ll become more noticeable in the next 10lb.
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First week, down 10lb! So much to lose but this is a great start! Love reading everyone’s stories. Thanks.
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